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Colored leaves of Chichibu Mitake Shrine Togo Park 11

November 24 2013, 20:57

Colored leaves

Colored leaves

The colored leaves which shows the back and shows a list, and fall. (the monk Ryoukan)

Japan is a clear country of the four seasons, and the color of the leaf of trees shows it. A leaf of trees sends out buds in spring, and it is covered in summer by green. And in autumn, the forests turn and red and yellow and orange. In the mountains belonging to the Temperate Zone of Japan, a deciduous tree is mixed with the evergreens such as a cedar or the pine. When it is autumn, a maple and the maple turn red, the ginkgo turn yellow. The richness of such a vegetation creates Japanese special colored leaves. From the old times, Japanese Emperor and nobles went out on the mountain to view colored leaves-a custom known as "maple hunting".


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